App Features

We've put a lot of effort in to crafting a very usable, powerful set of features that can transform your Shopify store's online presence.

All this and more

Easy to Find

Smart Send Unlimited is an 'embedded' app that works within your Shopify admin login - no need to save a separate web page address.

Easy to Use

Styled to be reminiscent of the Shopify admin look, it's an intuitive interface that we've tried to make as uncomplicated as we can. Plus we’ve got great, easy to follow tutorial videos available on our support page.

Free to Install

There’s no cost to install the Smart Send Unlimited App and we don’t charge any subscription fees – you just pay for any shipping that you require, when you need to.

Exact Prices at Checkout

Charging too much for shipping can mean the difference between customers abandoning their checkout - or even worse, if you charge too little for shipping you could incur significant losses.

Take the guesswork out of your shipping prices and work with exact shipping rates at customer checkout.

Optimise Your Packing (Like a Machine)

Our cutting edge Smart Pack option allows the system to do all the work when it comes to packing your customer's purchases optimally.

Smart packaging algorithms are used to efficiently package order items into the smallest possible package type.

Just enter the packages you have at hand and the app will give you the cheapest solution possible.

Keep Your Promises

We know you can't always ship the order out the door as soon as the customer has paid.

We help you provide accurate delivery time estimates to buyers by factoring in delays specific to your shipping strategy.

Choose the Right Options

We give you the power to choose what extras you require. Turn on or off:

Receipted Delivery
Drivers will obtain a signature to effect delivery and Proof of Delivery is provided on request. No further re-delivery charges are incurred for merchants also.

Transport Assurance
Cover your goods against loss/damage with competitively priced options up to $10,000 per shipment.*

Tail-lift (assisted) pickup / delivery
Heavy items can be picked up and/or delivered via a Tail-lift Truck or 2 man assist option. Auto-choose option can be enabled for items over 30kgs in weight to save you time at fulfillment.

Total Pricing Control

Our straightforward yet powerful shipping rate rules allow you to take the power of pricing one step further.

Offer free shipping for some products, or for minimum spends. Exclude products. Offer free shipping to all Tasmanians until Autumn! The tools are all there.

You can refine prices by:

  • Geographic zone - country, state and/or postcode.
  • Number / type of
  • Specific products in cart
  • Value of cart (customer spend)
  • Actual price of cheapest / fastest delivery option

Fulfilling Orders

The hard work starts when it's time to send the customer their purchases.

With Smart Send Unlimited, not only do we make the process stress-free, we also give you a chance to further cut your shipping costs by playing with better packing solutions and re-quoting.

You can ‘auto-pilot’ your shipping by utilising our fabulous auto-fulfillment or bulk fulfillment options. Simply set the rules/criteria for auto-fulfillment and sit back and let our app do the rest.

You only need to get involved when it's time to print the shipping labels and attach them to the goods.

When you've booked your courier collection, print the provided PDF shipping label / manifest to A4 or your thermal printer for clear identification, collection and delivery.

Tracking is free on all services plus automated tracking link emails can be sent to buyers upon fulfillment.

There's no obligation to sign up for anything - try the app for free