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Gotten your Smart Send VIP account username and password yet?

Just go to https://www.smartsend.com.au/vipClientEnquiry.cfm


Start by getting your settings right - credentials and delivery preferences.


Specify the dimensions of the products you wish to send to your customers

Smart Packing

Pack for shipping the smart way - find out how to get Smart Pack to optimise your shipping rates automatically.

Shipping Rules & Zones

Find out how to specify custom shipping rates for a wide variety of products and circumstances.

Order Fulfillment (basic)

When you're ready to ship or fulfill your order.

Auto-Fulfillment of Orders

Conditional, automatic fulfillment of orders. Set a few conditions and then have orders booked as they are approved.

Bulk Fulfillment

If you have to fulfill a lot of orders, or you want more control than auto-fulfill gives you, bulk fulfillment is for you.

Bulk Import Product Dimensions

Bulk edit product dimensions, weights and cost in your spreadsheet program.

Have multiple package items in each product.