Tutorial Videos

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Getting Started

This video helps explain how to get started with Smart Send and the Smart Send Premium app.

Do you have your Smart Send VIP account username & password yet?  It’s free to signup.

Just go to https://www.smartsend.com.au/vipClientEnquiry.cfm


Start by getting your settings right - credentials and delivery preferences.


Specify the dimensions of the products you wish to send to your customers

Smart Packing

Pack for shipping the smart way - find out how to get Smart Pack to optimise your shipping rates automatically.

Shipping Rules & Zones

Find out how to specify custom shipping rates for a wide variety of products and circumstances.

Order Fulfillment (basic)

When you're ready to ship or fulfill your order.

Auto-Fulfillment of Orders

Conditional, automatic fulfillment of orders. Set a few conditions and then have orders booked as they are approved.

Bulk Fulfillment

If you have to fulfill a lot of orders, or you want more control than auto-fulfill gives you, bulk fulfillment is for you.

Bulk Import Product Dimensions

Bulk edit product dimensions, weights & wholesale cost in your spreadsheet program. Then easily import this data into the app.

If required you can also add multiple package items for each product via this method.

International Shipping

Ship to anywhere in the world at great rates through Smart Send and our Shipping Unlimited app.